Emulsion paint

On an interior wall why does the emulsion paint turn to powder? The wall in question is a divider wall in a terraced house there is no dampness in the house and there is no mold.

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Moisture barrier over flat paint

Is there anything you can put over flat paint to help control a moisture issue? The interior paint is a flat and where a plastic picture/sign has been hanging there seems to be moisture getting trapped behind it and is causing mildew? Hoping to not have to re paint the

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Elastomeric Paint and heavy rain and freezing temps

We have a fairly new mountain home that, because of fire danger (it is located in the San Bernardino mountains in southern California), is concrete and steel construction.  The exterior finish is Santa Barbara style stucco.  The south side of the building gets pounded by rain and when the temperature

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Walls were not painted right by last owner

Just was getting ready to paint the walls in our new house. The paint is just pealing off the wall. Is there a cleaner to help get it off easier or a primer we can put on top to help us with the days worth of pealing we have?

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Painting cracked stucco.

Please give a step by step plan to repair a ton of cracks and paint for a stucco house (14 yrs.) never been painted before. I don’t know if it needs to be cleaned and if it needs primer etc. I see elastomeric paint is best. I spoke to a painter,

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Alligatoring Paint on newly painted cabinets

Hi, I had some old cabinets recently painted by a well known (in this area) company. I’m told they sanded them, cleaned them, primered and painted. The paint is oil based Sherwin Williams. It is “alligatoring badly”. They say it has only happened to them 3 out of 100 times.

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Elestomeric paint for ceiling with seasonal hairline cracks

Need to paint over large ceiling that has several stretchable caulked seasonal cracks. Can elastomeric paint be painted on to accommodate the seasonal contracting & expanding of the cracks without the paint flaking off due to the contracting phase?   The caulk itself is stretchable type. If not elastomeric, then what

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Painting interior t1-11.

Any tips on painting clear T1-11 interior siding, so it doesn’t look like a barn? Every wall in my 1980’s cabin in the woods, is covered with T1-11.  Although it certainly makes the walls maintenance free (it’s never been painted, cleaned or anything since day 1, and looks like ‘new’)

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Dark blue emulsion leaves marks.

Hi, I have a very dark blue Matt emulsion wall. If you touch the wall it leaves white powdery finger marks. I use to have a similar colour & therefore problem on my stairs which I over painted as I thought it was the paint – obviously not. What can

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