EIFS repair and repainting

We have a small condo association of 5 duplex buildings, all one-story with walk-out lower levels. They were built one at a time, from about 2000 to about 2010. The exteriors are all EIFS, on which  the finish is beginning to show its age (& some of the joints in

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Paint too thick

What product can I add to a half a gallon of old paint? I have a really found a favorite color but it is so thick. It is a per machine interior, semi gloss paint from Dunn Edwards. Thanks for answering ASAP 

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Shermin Williams SuperPaint or Conflex

I am thinking to paint my stucco house in Sacramento, California area and received proposals: One will use Sherwin Williams Super Paint, and the other one will use Sherwin Williams Conflex. I am not sure what are the main difference between these two paints? Your opinion or advice is greatly appreciated! Robin

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Painting again 5 years later

If, for example, I prime and paint a room, use good paint and tools, do a great job…then 5 years later want the room painted again…Do i need to prime the walls again?

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Garage door paint sticking to weather stripping??

My garage door was painted several years ago by my HOA.  The paint peeled immediately and they came and repainted.  Since then, the weather stripping sticks to the paint, especially in warmer weather, making the garage door jerk and shake when I use the opener.  The HOA recently repainted the

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Why does my crown molding look darker than my trim paint?

I just installed crown molding pre-painted with the same paint as my existing baseboards and other trim.  Almost immediately, the crown looks several shades darker than the baseboards.  When I touch up that baseboards with the paint used on the crown, it is seamless.  Is it normal that crown will

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