Can I use an oil based primer over latex primer?

I know that generally speaking, you’re not supposed to paint oil paint over latex paint. But what if you’re talking primer? I tried covering sharpie marker stains on a door with latex kilz and three coats later its still showing through. I’d like to try covering with some tougher oil

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Oil Based Primer

My husband used an oil based primer on a stain on our ceiling. He only primed the area with the stain. Then he painted over it with a latex ceiling paint. The area he primed keeps showing through. Is this typical? Should he have primed the entire ceiling? He has

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Can the drywall tape be bleeding through the paint?

This weekend I noticed a brown line running through the ceiling in our dining room. It appears to be the outline of the drywall tape. At first I thought it was a leak since there is a bathroom above the dining room, but it only seems to be along the

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After cleaning kitchen cabinets w/ bleach, the bleach solution ran behind cabinets and left streaks over painted walls that are lighter than original color. How do I fix this? Thanks.

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Bathroom Ceiling

I put one coat of primer on my ceiling in the bathroom allowed it to dry over night, I did a second coat and it cracked in one spot. How do I fix this?

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Ceiling Oil Spots

My 7 year old put gel clings on his ceiling (lovely). They were there for weeks before I got to take them down. Now their are oil stains all over the ceiling. What kind of paint product would cover these oil marks? Regular paint so far has the oil bleeding

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Ceiling Painting Primer Spots

I spot primed with Kilz all over the ceiling. Now after 2 coats of ceiling paint those primed spots still stand out like a sore thumb. I’m really P-Oed. Room is every bigger so can’t stop in middle to rest?? Help!,

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Acrylic latex over oil paint.

We have oil-based paint on our wood board (plank-type) ceiling (about 70 years old) which was covered with acrylic latex with no primer, about one year ago. Now there are orangish-brown colored spots on the ceiling which in some places drip to the floor. Feels like some kind of oil.

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