Painting wood paneling problem.

I thought I did everything right. I wanted to repaint some 50 year old dark wood paneling in my den. I cleaned the paneling with TSP. I spackled to fill in all the grooves. I used an electric sander to rough up everything and smooth out all of the spackle.

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Wood paneling

We have wood paneling in our 1960s home. Not the thinner, cheaper kind, but the heavy duty stuff! (sorry not sure what kind of wood) It is shiny so it obviously has some kind of seal/stain on it. Well we are updating and my husband doesn’t want to paint the

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Bathroom Door

We are going to remodel our bathroom replacing our vanity from a medium oak to a dark brown and neutral colored walls, and floor. Do we need to change the medium oak trim to brown, and do we also need to stain the inside of the door brown so it

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Accent Wall

I have a studio apartment and the back wall where my headboard is I want to paint an accent color. The question is- my closet door is part of the wall, do I paint that the same color of the wall or keep it white like the trim?

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