Window Restoration 101: How to Ace Your Repair

If you live in an older home, then the chances that your windows already need repair is quite high. Some of your windows may even need replacement. Windows aren’t just there to let the breeze or sunlight into your house. They are also meant to improve the energy efficiency of

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Why you should use primer on MDF before the final paint finish

MDF is quickly becoming a commonplace material, especially within the building industry. For skirting boards and architraves, it’s definitely the most used around the world. When a design is added to MDF, it breaks into the core of the material which is generally not as compact as the outer layers.

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How to get a good finish on MDF

As a manufacturer of MDF skirting boards, we receive plenty of questions regarding how best to paint MDF mouldings – especially from customers who have chosen to purchase un-primed mouldings. This article will highlight complexities of painting MDF and offer solutions. The Grade of MDF is Important MDF is made up of wooden fibres,

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How to patch drywall on your own.

Chuck Miller gives us a great tip for patching a small hole in drywall, such as a hole from an outlet box. Cut a small piece of scrap drywall about an inch longer than the hole in each direction. Score the back of this piece to reflect the shape of

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Caulk – Bridging Large Gaps

Typically, the tip of the caulk tube is cut relatively small so when you move across a gap, the caulk is not coming out enough to fill it or the caulk falls in the gap. Here is a short interior painting video clip on how to bridge occasional large gaps

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How to Caulk

Caulking a crack is simple, but you need to do it right… check this technique for proper guidelines… Caulking tutorial for for applying caulk to interior trim. *After viewing please consider offering your own insights and opinions, this would be a big help to others.

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How To Spackle

Learning how to Spackle is crucial in getting satisfactory results in Painting, and it takes a little practice to get the technique down correctly… Lean how to spackle a small crack or hole. *After viewing please consider offering your own insights and opinions, this would be a big help to

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