Choosing the Best Wood Stain for the Job

In order to choose the best wood stain for the job, consider the look you are going for and what conditions the wood will be under. Certain looks work better with certain stains. In addition, some conditions like exterior wood and wooden decks require specially formulated stains as well. Stains

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Choose the Right Deck Stain

Deck stain does a lot. There are multiple challenges a stain must overcome in order to last. Quality formulas 1) resist abrasion, 2) don’t fade when exposed to UV light, and 3) hold up to heat, cold, wind, and water. Exterior finishes fail for two primary reasons: UV light and

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The Deck Job

This year, was the year to refinish the patio deck. My wife had wanted this accomplished last year, but I got pulled away from doing it. Generally, I am not one to put things off, but the deck had to wait it out for me to be ready. Having refinished

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Refinishing my very rough pressure treated wood deck.

Here in a nutshell is what I did to fix up our neglected deck. Apply paint and finish remover. Wait for it to work while keeping from drying out. Used a stiff brush with handle to work old opaque sealer up. The stripper didn’t do much for me, so… Powerwasher,

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Proper Preparation – Wood Deck Refinishing

I have been studying and performing deck cleaning and staining for several years now. Before we built our own deck on our home, I wanted to know the best way to maintain it for a good appearance, long life, and ease of care. Anything takes some care, even the so-called

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Painting a Decorative Design on the Porch Floor

While it is never much fun to re-paint a porch floor, there are ways to make the experience more enjoyable. By opting to be creative, you can quickly transform a plain wooden porch floor into a functional and decorative piece of art. Before attempting to paint any of the designs

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Deck Staining

A properly applied stain is part of regular maintenance to protect your deck from stains, mildew, the elements and damaging uv rays. Stain products exist for every type of deck, including composite decking. Selecting the appropriate product to match the your deck material and applying it the proper way will

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Deck Refinishing

Most of what I read about deck refinishing is incorrect. It is not necessary to introduce water during preparation for refinishing. I recommend using a vibrating plate sander on the large flat areas and detail the edges where needed. DO NOT OVER SAND/POLISH WITH TOO FINE A GRADE OF PAPER!

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Cedar Deck_ no more staining!!!

I have been a slave to the decks in my life and this last deck which is BC cedar I stripped by way of power washing and sanding and then I have just used a sealant. The deck looks great and I only need to lightly power wash it in

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