Conflex xl question

Thank you for the response. Just to verify. The stucco finish is even and all uniform because we did a full color coat. When I say even and uniform I mean the finish is the exact same. What is different is….we did some stucco repairs on the bottom half of

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Shermin Williams SuperPaint or Conflex

I am thinking to paint my stucco house in Sacramento, California area and received proposals: One will use Sherwin Williams Super Paint, and the other one will use Sherwin Williams Conflex. I am not sure what are the main difference between these two paints? Your opinion or advice is greatly appreciated! Robin

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Elastomeric Paint and heavy rain and freezing temps

We have a fairly new mountain home that, because of fire danger (it is located in the San Bernardino mountains in southern California), is concrete and steel construction.  The exterior finish is Santa Barbara style stucco.  The south side of the building gets pounded by rain and when the temperature

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Painting cracked stucco.

Please give a step by step plan to repair a ton of cracks and paint for a stucco house (14 yrs.) never been painted before. I don’t know if it needs to be cleaned and if it needs primer etc. I see elastomeric paint is best. I spoke to a painter,

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Elestomeric paint for ceiling with seasonal hairline cracks

Need to paint over large ceiling that has several stretchable caulked seasonal cracks. Can elastomeric paint be painted on to accommodate the seasonal contracting & expanding of the cracks without the paint flaking off due to the contracting phase?   The caulk itself is stretchable type. If not elastomeric, then what

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Best time to use elastomeric?

I live in Florida and I want to know when the best time of year and temperature to use the elastomeric paint or Loxon XP for the exterior of my cement block house?

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