Cedar House- Nightmare

This house was built in the 80’s; cedar siding and peeling everywhere. Not really sure what’s on it in the previous coats, but now has a solid stain. Not sure just yet if its oil or latex. I definitely need to power wash it and scrape it. Do I need

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Cedar Siding Color Change

I have a 25 year old home with exterior cedar siding. It was original coated with a grey semi-transparent stain, and recoated several times with the same. What are the recommended products / process to change the color? Type of primer? Type of paint / stain to use to change

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Cedar Siding

I have a home that has cedar siding that has been stained with a semitransparent stain and sealed. House is in good shape, no fading yet. I want to seal it again before it starts to weather. Concerned that siding wont accept penetration because surface is already sealed well. What

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Brown to red barn.

I have a barn/garage that is stained brown. I would like to stain it red instead. Will the red show differently if I stain over the brown?

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Cabot Semi-Solid Oil Based Wood Stain Exterior

Got two cans of a very dark gray semi-solid wood stain but when applied to yellow pine boards it is too dark. What do you suggest? I was looking for a weathered look, gray or really a bark color that would blend right into the trees. Could I combine a

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Bid for cedar shake siding?

I have a potential client with a restoration business, from what he has told me most of his work is high end work. I have been a sub contractor for a big painting co. for a long time and have fallen out of the loop on pricing. The job is

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