Can the drywall tape be bleeding through the paint?

This weekend I noticed a brown line running through the ceiling in our dining room. It appears to be the outline of the drywall tape. At first I thought it was a leak since there is a bathroom above the dining room, but it only seems to be along the

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How do I sand off old stubborn texture from my walls?

I bought a condo that was built in 1979. The walls have been painted many times. I want to repaint my walls and ceilings, but the original texture on the sheetrock is really ugly. It is also very hard. I have taken one of those sanding blocks and by hand

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Most of our bedrooms have popcorn on the ceilings and in one, the popcorn is coming off. On one side of the ceiling, you can see it separating. Is it a good idea to scrape the popcorn off, and with out removing the ceiling plaster, just place the drywall on

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Chipped bathroom ceiling paint.

Ceiling was never primed and I was able to remove with ease most of the old paint that separated from the drywall, right down to the drywall. However around the perimeter of the ceiling where there is spackling the paint will not come off. Is it good practice to apply

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