Can I use an oil based primer over latex primer?

I know that generally speaking, you’re not supposed to paint oil paint over latex paint. But what if you’re talking primer? I tried covering sharpie marker stains on a door with latex kilz and three coats later its still showing through. I’d like to try covering with some tougher oil

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When I purchased my house, unbeknownst to me the ceilings, except kitchen and baths, were painted with Calcimine sp?  Later I painted the kitchen and baths with mildew proof paint and of course no problem.  Some years later I painted one of the bedroom ceilings and later the paint began

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Oil Based Primer

My husband used an oil based primer on a stain on our ceiling. He only primed the area with the stain. Then he painted over it with a latex ceiling paint. The area he primed keeps showing through. Is this typical? Should he have primed the entire ceiling? He has

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Do I prime first or paint now has primer in it?

I have 1860 house. Had stucco, never painted. Eight years ago, DIYer removed stucco & painted. Paint peeled off. Been waiting for nature and now want to paint. Wood is still raw with little adhered paint. Do I prime first or paint now has primer in it? Latex okay?

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Ceiling Paint

Painted water based Kilz over 2 areas on ceiling…repainted with Valspar ceiling paint x 2 coats…both area painted with kiltz are visibly darker with drying for 24 hrs. Do I need to prime areas with another primer?

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