Paint too thick

What product can I add to a half a gallon of old paint? I have a really found a favorite color but it is so thick. It is a per machine interior, semi gloss paint from Dunn Edwards. Thanks for answering ASAP 

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Finish a front door or not?

Should I use any kind of finishing product over exterior, red paint on a front door that is metal?  Client wanted a dark, barn-red color, and we know red tends to fade quicker than a lighter color…would a finishing product such as a poly or clear coat help extend the

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Customary practice for painting soffits?

I hired a contractor to paint the exterior of my house, including trim. They were clear about certain exclusions – the (aluminum) fascia, the vinyl window trim – but the contract calls for them to paint the “eaves” (we agreed that referred to the bottom of the area where the

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Amaueter Painters

I was stupid and cheap by mixing Behr interior paint and Rustoleum paint to create my own color. My teenage son and I painted this bedroom and after 4 weeks it still smells like paint. Is this dangerous for his health? If so can I just paint over the walls

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Leaving brush marks

We power washed, scraped, primed, now we’re painting with paint that has primer in it and we’re leaving brush marks. What do we do about that?

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At what point does a NEW paint become OLD paint?

At what point does a NEW, semi-gloss, latex paint become an OLD paint finish?  Another words, when painting over old paint, it’s recommended to cut the old sheen so the new paint will stick.  Most manufacturers recommend waiting on a second coat for 4 hours.  If it’s been 12-20 hours

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