Benefits of a Reflective Roof Coating

Homeowners sometimes get confused with reflective/white roof coating and reflective/white roof paint. So keep in mind if you are shopping for “white roof paint,” you will get just that, a paint that will color the roof of your house white. However, if you are looking for a roof “paint” that

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How to Effectively Dispose of Leftover Paint

There are two main categories of paint, latex and oil-based. They contain chemicals that can endanger human health and the environment. Leftover paint is especially hazardous if it is not disposed of properly. Proper paint disposal contributes to having safer groundwater, soil and to more efficient use of our landfills.

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8 Tips To Properly Store Paint To Prevent Spoiling

When you’re looking for a fresh new look for your home, your fixtures, your doors, or kitchen cabinets and more, a paint job is the easiest way to breathe new life into your living space. Paint is relatively inexpensive, and you can experiment with as many looks and colors as

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Choosing the Best House Paint

Which type and where should I apply the house paint? This question will take a bit of mental work to answer. Choosing an interior paint or exterior paint will depend on the material or surface, existing finishes, environment and performance level needed. Most modern paints can be divided into two

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How to Paint Like a Pro!

If you are a DIY freak and love to play with the colors, painting is surely your kind of job. You might have heard a number of people saying that the DIY process is not easy to handle that is because they are not familiar with the tips and tricks

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What’s That Paint Smell?

A fresh coat of paint can be a sight for sore eyes, transforming a dull or dingy room into something brighter and more appealing. Unfortunately, what’s good for our sense of sight isn’t always as good for our sense of smell. After a freshly painted room, the lingering smell of paint

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Tips to Paint Your House Exterior

“Can you paint the exterior of our home in the winter?” is a very common question in Canada this time of the year. The answer is “Yes”, but the following six conditions must be present as well as no precipitation in the air. Some might ask why not wait until

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