Interior block walls

I want to finish my interior basement walls. I would like to not see the mortar joints, so I need something thick I think. a paint store suggested Perma-Crete Pitt-Flex, but really didn’t have any information on its application. The walls have been painted with a latex enamel semi-gloss paint.

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Can lake seawalls be painted to prevent moss buildup?

My wall is about 5 years old, but this year the moss grew into the surface of the concrete block in some places. I know I can kill the moss and prepare the block for painting with pressure washing. What type of primer and sealant should be used to prevent

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Exterior block prep and painting

I have started preparing my 70 year old block wall home and as I’m pressure washing, I am finding that the block under the paint seems rather damaged and most is white when the paint comes off. Is that the efforvesences you wrote about? I believe what may have happened,

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Exterior stucco painting

1923 stucco home in South Florida. We have gotten several bids and the process and products are all different as well as a huge difference in price, ($6900- $33,000)- 3200 sq ft house with detached garage)…  from spraying SW Duration, to applying a sealer/ spraying and back rolling one coat

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Contractor forgot to prime metal railing before painting it

I hired a contractor to repaint my exterior metal railing, which had some peeling paint and some rust.  The contractor sanded it but forgot to use primer even though I had specifically said to use primer.  Instead, he just applied an exterior latex paint on the railing with no primer

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Painting an enclosed trailer floor?

Our Fire Department was recently donated a 16ft enclosed trailer. The floors are still solid and rot free but will need sanding. We would like to paint the floor so that we can seal it and add a non-slip texture to it. This trailer will be used sporadically but will

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Conflex xl question

Thank you for the response. Just to verify. The stucco finish is even and all uniform because we did a full color coat. When I say even and uniform I mean the finish is the exact same. What is different is….we did some stucco repairs on the bottom half of

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