Hey everyone; Just wanted to send an FYI out on a great new product that our company (John Hughes Custom Painting), use on every job. The Banister Drop Cloth is sold only ONLINE with HOME DEPOT. We love this product. It is 15 ft. in length X 10 in. in

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X-Board by Trimaco

Builder’s paper and Rosin paper, I don’t have a large need for this type of product but do use it from time to time. Recently I was given the chance to review a 35in x 50ft roll of X-Board by Trimaco.  We used it on a ceramic floor in a

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Eliminator Drop Cloth by Trimaco

The humble drop cloth, necessary but a bit boring; isn’t that how it is? For many one drop cloth is like all drop cloths with the only difference being price. But that isn’t exactly true. This review is for the Eliminator Butyl drop cloth by Trimaco. Trimaco provided a 9×12

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Easy Mask Kleenedge Painting Tape by Trimaco

This is an interesting product with a simple idea; thick paper and tape (adhesive) in one shot, no need for two different products. Kleenedge painting tape is available is several widths from 2 inches to 12 inches, I tested 2, 3 and 12 inch provided by Trimaco. The tape I

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Four Reasons To Use Shutter Renu Over Paint

Vinyl shutters can give your home a wow factor and improve curb appeal. That is, if they are not faded or weathered. The initial investment for new shutters is not that much when compared with their wow factor. In addition, vinyl shutters can last a lifetime without falling apart. Unfortunately,

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Wood Filler and Wood Repair Compounds

The benefits of using different types of wood filler will make the difference in whatever type of wood you are repairing, the condition of the wood, and the expense of repairing versus replacing. If for example, you are repairing a piece of outdoor furniture you will want to use good

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Useful Paint Additives

Sometimes just plain paint isn’t enough. Paint additives can do many things, from reducing the drag on a brush to providing anti-slip characteristics. There are many different paint additives from a wide variety of manufactures. Most do the same things to the paint; reduce the drag of the paint, make

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What to Wear While Painting

So, you are ready to paint your walls. You have chosen the perfect color and you cannot wait to begin. Before you rush to open the paint can and start painting the walls, take a moment to prepare yourself. It is not enough to simply throw clothes on and hope

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BPMI Mulligan – Electrical Gang Rough Cut Finish Frames

The Mulligan® product line comes in three different sizes and shapes. Made in the USA, the Mulligan® is an injection molded part used to reinforce rough cut openings in drywall. The Mulligan® can be easily installed using joint compound to cover the piece and provide a perfect finish. The Mulligan®

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