Can I use an oil based primer over latex primer?

I know that generally speaking, you’re not supposed to paint oil paint over latex paint. But what if you’re talking primer? I tried covering sharpie marker stains on a door with latex kilz and three coats later its still showing through. I’d like to try covering with some tougher oil

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Paint too thick

What product can I add to a half a gallon of old paint? I have a really found a favorite color but it is so thick. It is a per machine interior, semi gloss paint from Dunn Edwards. Thanks for answering ASAP 

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Emulsion paint

On an interior wall why does the emulsion paint turn to powder? The wall in question is a divider wall in a terraced house there is no dampness in the house and there is no mold.

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Amaueter Painters

I was stupid and cheap by mixing Behr interior paint and Rustoleum paint to create my own color. My teenage son and I painted this bedroom and after 4 weeks it still smells like paint. Is this dangerous for his health? If so can I just paint over the walls

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Leaving brush marks

We power washed, scraped, primed, now we’re painting with paint that has primer in it and we’re leaving brush marks. What do we do about that?

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Remove the paint to see underneath it?

In the garage we had a growth chart my husband painted over. Is there any way to remove the paint to see underneath it? Or any type of light that would help see it through the paint. Sorry if this is dumb. I’m just really upset and want the memory

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