Interior block walls

I want to finish my interior basement walls. I would like to not see the mortar joints, so I need something thick I think. a paint store suggested Perma-Crete Pitt-Flex, but really didn’t have any information on its application. The walls have been painted with a latex enamel semi-gloss paint.

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1958 cinder block basement

I have a 1958 basement. Walls have been painted & spotted with flex seal over the years. Have had water issue in past but that has been resolved and fixed. Looking to just cleanup the basement corner by sump pump. Water stains etc  someone referred drylock but I am hesitating

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New paint bleed through.

I used two coats of Valspar Season Flex Ultra white semi-gloss exterior to paint the interior of a new trailer I just recently purchased. The material that was painted over was new OSB. There are spots that bled through. Do you have a recommendation on the white semi-gloss paint I

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Primer peeling off new greenboard

We recently added a 3 season sunroom and the wall that backs to our home was converted to green board. I patched, sanded, and wiped down the drywall. Then I primed it with Zinnser 123. A week later, I used blue painters tape at the bottom of the wall to

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Emulsion paint

On an interior wall why does the emulsion paint turn to powder? The wall in question is a divider wall in a terraced house there is no dampness in the house and there is no mold.

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Painting interior t1-11.

Any tips on painting clear T1-11 interior siding, so it doesn’t look like a barn? Every wall in my 1980’s cabin in the woods, is covered with T1-11.  Although it certainly makes the walls maintenance free (it’s never been painted, cleaned or anything since day 1, and looks like ‘new’)

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Dark blue emulsion leaves marks.

Hi, I have a very dark blue Matt emulsion wall. If you touch the wall it leaves white powdery finger marks. I use to have a similar colour & therefore problem on my stairs which I over painted as I thought it was the paint – obviously not. What can

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Garage cinder block wall

Hi, I am spot patching my garage cinder block wall (which the exterior is underground) with Drylok hydraulic cement because I had efflorescence and cracks. Prior to patching, I washed and scrubbed the wall with white vinegar and then sprayed down with water to remove some mold. I then knocked

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Bathroom Paint Issue

I painted my bathroom with satin Superpaint from Sherwin Williams. It is paint and primer in one. I painted over existing paint. After applying the second coat, while it was still wet, the paint began peeling off in sheets. It peeled clean off of the drywall. It only did it

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