Painting interior t1-11.


Any tips on painting clear T1-11 interior siding, so it doesn’t look like a barn? Every wall in my 1980’s cabin in the woods, is covered with T1-11.  Although it certainly makes the walls maintenance free (it’s never been painted, cleaned or anything since day 1, and looks like ‘new’) – it looks really dated, especially in the living room and bathrooms.  In the living room I am thinking of cutting it ‘in half’ for a wainscotting effect – installing drywall above and trim on the top of the siding.  Then I’d like to paint it — for a homey feel, but am afraid it will look blotchy like a barn.  I do plan to prime well, as mentioned on many sites for exterior T1-11, but any tips for painting – along with samples to show my contractor?

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  1. Paint it, it won’t look “blotchy” if you do it right…give it a coat of conventional acrylic wood primer, then finish coat with a high grade like Sherwin Williams Interior Acrylic use a FLAT finish for best results 1 coat… Good Luck!

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