Advertising opportunities are limited to;

  • Affiliate text links and/or product banners. Great for retail or promoting a service.
  • Banners or text links to business websites. Must be related to house painting or the other topics covered on
  • No black-hat SEO or link spamming.

The best way to get a text link is to submit an original well written article. This type of link is free, without monthly or yearly fees. There is no cost for having an article hosted on my site. Since this is a free service I’m very picky, the submitted article with its media (images and video) must be high quality and relevant to my site.

Advertise Your Product or Service

Option 1;

Size: 160x300px vertical banner
Placement: Right column under site menu, site-wide
$ 250.00 per month

Option 2;

Size: 460x60px horizontal banner
Placement: Bottom of all articles, site-wide
$200.00 per month

Option 3;

Size: 336x280px
Placement: Below article 1st paragraph
$125.00 per 10 articles per month

Option 4;

In-article links
Placement: 2 links per article, you choose article(s) and link text/placement
$25.00 per article per month

All advertising or content must be approved prior to placement. No guarantee of acceptance. Contact us for availability and to place an order.