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Many people are investing in real fixer-uppers. If you’re like the many property owners around Sydney, then your home is no exception. As the entrance to your home your driveway experiences quite a bit of traffic and so it is commonly the first part of the house to lose its

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Concrete Floor Improvement: Paint, Stain, or Epoxy?

Concrete Floor Improvement: Paint, Stain, or Epoxy? Floors are one of the most used parts of a home. However, the abuse is greater for outdoor surfaces. For concrete patio installation projects, it is important to incorporate a floor design that would both increase the aesthetics of the outdoors as well

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Clear Masonry Sealer

Clear masonry sealer is a valuable product, used to protect brickwork, stone, and stucco from excessive moisture. Sealants also enhance the color of masonry, prevent it from fading, and make it easier to clean. Many problems, like concrete spalling (breaking apart into big chunks) are caused by excess moisture expanding

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Masonry Stain

Masonry stain works the same way wood stain does; by penetrating the surface of the brick, concrete, or stucco, and depositing pigment. Stain can be used to create a unique look; brick stain can be used to match new masonry to old- for example, on a new addition. Penetrating masonry

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Masonry Paint

Like all surfaces, masonry can benefit aesthetically from a coat of fresh paint from time to time. On exteriors, where weather is a concern, masonry paint provides protection against damage caused by the elements. Stucco, brick, rock, and rock veneer can all benefit from some type of masonry paint or

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