Alligatoring Paint on newly painted cabinets

Hi, I had some old cabinets recently painted by a well known (in this area) company. I’m told they sanded them, cleaned them, primered and painted. The paint is oil based Sherwin Williams. It is “alligatoring badly”. They say it has only happened to them 3 out of 100 times.

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Bathroom Vanity

I have a bathroom vanity I want to paint, but not sure what to do to prep it, or what type of paint to use? The vanity appears to be particle board covered with a laminate finish to make it smooth. Thanks for replies in advance.

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Black Cabinets

I have beat up bottom kitchen cabinets. To make them “disappear” I painted them black. It worked. Problem: Drips and spills show up on black paint (painted gloss). I was wondering if using exterior paint may help with this problem?

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Acetone on Cabinets

Can I use acetone (fingernail polish remover) to strip my kitchen cabinets without affecting the wood in any way. I have done a spot and it removes the pickled finish perfectly.

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Cannot get high gloss enamel to stick.

I have sanded and primed a bathroom cupboard with an oil based primer two coats then applied the top coat but the top coat just runs and all you can see is the white undercoat. What am I doing wrong?

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