Previous painted trex problems

We bought a home with a front porch that had dark green paint over a trex covered front porch floor. It looked like it needed a spruce up so we had it painted with Behr exterior gloss porch and floor paint in a lighter color. What a mistake! A week later

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Coating a 7 year old outside deck.

Have a 7 year old deck that has been treated with oil based stain 3 times. The floor wood used is regular treated wood. The age of the floor wood is starting to show. Its starting to get splinters on top and our little girls are getting splinters in their

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Can front steps be two-toned?

We have long wooden stairs leading to our front door. It is painted white, and when the sun is shining bright, it becomes blinding. Do you think it would look odd if just the top of the steps were painted a different color than the rest of the stairs and

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Black Mold on Douglas Fir

Trying to beat the rainy season. Had new Douglas fir put up for deck railing. Just got it sanded down and it rains the next day. Now I’ve got black mold starting all over the place. I was hoping the moisture content would drop below 15% so I could put

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Blistering paint after it is dried and then it rains.

The outside wood rail was painted with white latex paint. It dried for two days and then it rained. The paint cracked and blistered. Once the sun came out and dried the paint it looked fine. Every time it rains the paint softens and blisters. How do I fix the

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