Stay Safe While Painting

Painting is not a dangerous task, but there are some helpful tips to follow to stay safe while painting. Whether you are a lover of DIY or a professional, taking some safety measures will help to prevent a disaster. As a result, we present you tips to stay safe while

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X-Board by Trimaco

Builder’s paper and Rosin paper, I don’t have a large need for this type of product but do use it from time to time. Recently I was given the chance to review a 35in x 50ft roll of X-Board by Trimaco.  We used it on a ceramic floor in a

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How to Stay Safe While Painting

Although painting is not generally considered to be a dangerous home improvement job, there are some tips you can follow in order to make sure you stay safe. Just as with any other type of home improvement or repair project, a few safety precautions can sometimes make the difference between

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What to Wear While Painting

So, you are ready to paint your walls. You have chosen the perfect color and you cannot wait to begin. Before you rush to open the paint can and start painting the walls, take a moment to prepare yourself. It is not enough to simply throw clothes on and hope

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Types of Respirators for Safety at Home

When painting your home, safety should always be your number one priority. Walls can be repainted and trim can be cleaned, but compromising your health and the health of those around you is not worth risking. Aside from ladder safety and eye protection while painting, a respirator is a great

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How to Clean Your Respirators

Keeping your respirator clean, if possible, will go a long way to ensuring your breathing safety. However, knowing which air respirators can be cleaned and which ones cannot is also important. The tips below will help you make the decision about whether to clean your respirator or throw it away.

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Seven Tips for Ladder Safety

Do-it-yourself homeowners are notorious for home improvement mishaps. From hammered fingers to bruised shins, there is no end to the ways that home owners can find to injure themselves while remodeling their homes. One of the most dangerous positions a home owner can find himself in, however, is on a

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Paint Stripping – Staying Safe

Paint stripping removes layers of paint to reveal the beauty of wood that can be hidden under paint. This is especially used for wood in interior rooms which are either exotic or have a historic value. The process will depend on the type of wood and the paint or finish

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Testing Your Home for Lead Based Paint

If you suspect your home was been painted with lead-based primer or paint, and especially if you have children or pets, you should have the paint (and possibly your soil and water) tested for lead paint contamination. An alternative to hiring a certified risk assessor or inspector is collecting paint

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