Do I prime first or paint now has primer in it?

I have 1860 house. Had stucco, never painted. Eight years ago, DIYer removed stucco & painted. Paint peeled off. Been waiting for nature and now want to paint. Wood is still raw with little adhered paint. Do I prime first or paint now has primer in it? Latex okay?

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Corrugated Plastic Sundeck Roof

What is the best paint to put on corrugated plastic roofing? My deck is covered in this clear corrugated plastic and it’s like a green house in the summertime. I love my roof and don’t want to replace it so thought painting it would be a better idea than draping

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2 Coats of Stain or 1 Coat Primer & 1 Coat Paint?

I am going to paint the exterior of my house which has HardiPlank siding and cedar trim. Which would be better, using two coats of solid color stain (i.e. Sherwin Williams Woodscapes) or using one coat primer (i.e. Bullseye 123) and one coat paint (i.e. Sherwin Williams SuperPaint)?

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Cleaning exterior wood trim.

Our home is vinyl sided with wood trim around the windows, and a wood and stone front porch.(Craftsman style) Will TSP and a pressure washer harm the vinyl? The house is 6 years old, but the paint is faded and thin.

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Black stain from the rain.

Thank you for the great pro information. Our problem is that the previous owner of the house we just moved in has let one of the outside doors take the rain and there is now black stains on the bottom. I read on a French website (I’m from there…and my

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