Tung oil finish or sealer for kitchen, bath, interior doors

I’ve tung oiled maple kitchen and bath cabinets and interior birds eye maple doors: 50% with Citrus Solvent, then 75%, then 2 coats 100% tung oil. I need to seal them to keep them from drying out, because reapplying oil is not practical in my situation. I was considering Original

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Redwood Garage Door

Can I use Thompson Stain and Sealer only, for refinishing my redwood garage door to avoid sanding again when I have to refinish it in the future?

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Removal of brown varnish?

Our fire surround has been painted with too strong a colour and want it to look like a pale pine colour. Can I strip it easily? And should fit be stained- or just polished?

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Knotty Pine Paneling Sealant

Is there a product I can use to keep my knotty pine paneling the raw ‘blonde’ color it is after sanding? Polyurethane and acrylic urethane both turn the wood a darker honey/golden hue.

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Varnish vs. Polyurathane vs. Stain

I have installed pine beadboard on a short wall that I want to finish. I want to achieve a “honey” color. I’ve been told to simply use a polyurathane and the wood “ages” and I’ll receive the desired color. Others have told me to use varnish. What’s the difference? And

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Is it paint or stain?

I have some scratches on interior doors that I would like to touch up. How do I tell if the surface has been painted or stained?

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