Contractor forgot to prime metal railing before painting it

I hired a contractor to repaint my exterior metal railing, which had some peeling paint and some rust.  The contractor sanded it but forgot to use primer even though I had specifically said to use primer.  Instead, he just applied an exterior latex paint on the railing with no primer

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Caulking Lap Siding

I’m working on an old house, they replaced the old siding with new preprimed ceder lap siding. The carpenter told us that it would be great if we would caulk all the laps, so we did on two sides of the house. I told this to a friend at the

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Bubbled paint on exterior walls.

We have sanded back our weatherboard house, then used an oil based primer followed by water based top coat. We are now seeing everywhere we have primed lots of bubbling paint. What is this from and how do we fix it?

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