VOC in Stain Colors: Uses and Alternatives

Paints and Stains, ever since discovery, have protected our valuables. The research and development department of Paints and Stains are never out of work. What is the fuzz about VOC in paints and stains? VOCs, volatile organic compounds, are low boiling point compounds that are used in oil-based paints and

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How to Stain Wood

This video discusses the basic steps used to apply wood stain. Includes a discussion of the differences between hard and soft wood, use of a pre-stain conditioner, application techniques and using an oil base wiping stain. *After viewing please consider offering your own insights and opinions, this would be a

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Choose the Right Deck Stain

Deck stain does a lot. There are multiple challenges a stain must overcome in order to last. Quality formulas 1) resist abrasion, 2) don’t fade when exposed to UV light, and 3) hold up to heat, cold, wind, and water. Exterior finishes fail for two primary reasons: UV light and

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Choosing the Best Wood Stain for the Job

In order to choose the best wood stain for the job, consider the look you are going for and what conditions the wood will be under. Certain looks work better with certain stains. In addition, some conditions like exterior wood and wooden decks require specially formulated stains as well. Stains

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Choosing an Interior Wood Stain Color

To enliven the interior wood you are refinishing, choose an excellent wood stain color. Although most manufactures have around 20-30 interior wood stain colors this still can be as difficult as deciding on a color to paint a room, but a good decision will make all the difference. Identify the

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