Painting an enclosed trailer floor?

Our Fire Department was recently donated a 16ft enclosed trailer. The floors are still solid and rot free but will need sanding. We would like to paint the floor so that we can seal it and add a non-slip texture to it. This trailer will be used sporadically but will

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Exterior concrete porch and steps.

My concrete porch and steps have not been painted in over 50 years. The porch paint is barely visible; the steps are faint; and the risers are ok. A- Should I use a primer (the paint has never flaked)? B- What paint would you recommend?

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Conflex xl question

Thank you for the response. Just to verify. The stucco finish is even and all uniform because we did a full color coat. When I say even and uniform I mean the finish is the exact same. What is different is….we did some stucco repairs on the bottom half of

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When I purchased my house, unbeknownst to me the ceilings, except kitchen and baths, were painted with Calcimine sp?  Later I painted the kitchen and baths with mildew proof paint and of course no problem.  Some years later I painted one of the bedroom ceilings and later the paint began

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Tung oil finish or sealer for kitchen, bath, interior doors

I’ve tung oiled maple kitchen and bath cabinets and interior birds eye maple doors: 50% with Citrus Solvent, then 75%, then 2 coats 100% tung oil. I need to seal them to keep them from drying out, because reapplying oil is not practical in my situation. I was considering Original

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Primer peeling off new greenboard

We recently added a 3 season sunroom and the wall that backs to our home was converted to green board. I patched, sanded, and wiped down the drywall. Then I primed it with Zinnser 123. A week later, I used blue painters tape at the bottom of the wall to

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Paint on clapboards peels every few years

Hi,   We’ve had our house painted professionally twice in the past 8 years or so and each time after about 2 years the paint in one section begins to bubble up and peel off in strips.  Is this wood bad?  What can I do to fix this?  I don’t

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