Oil Base Varnish – A Great Wood Finish That is Still Hard to Beat

Even with all the modern wood finishes available, oil base varnish is still popular and a favorite of professionals and “do-it-yourselfers”. I like it for many reasons. The main reason is it will stick to almost any finish. Plus, it has excellent resistance against abrasion, solvents, water and the damaging

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Acrylic Urethane – A Great Modern Wood Finish

A truly modern wood finish is acrylic urethane. I first used this type of clear finish 20 or more years ago. At that time most painters were apprehensive about using something new, especially when finishing stained wood. Since then many improvements have been made. Let’s take a look at this

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Choosing a High Quality Lacquer

High quality lacquer has an appealing look and feel that is difficult to duplicate with other wood finishes. Many professional painters use this finish to save time and still produce pleasing results. Using a quality finish is always a good idea and with this finish you have several choices, from

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Tung Oil – An Old Time Favorite

For many decades Tung oil has been the preferred finish for everything from fine woodwork and furniture to marine applications on boat decks. Until the discovery of alkyd resins, Tung oil was a key component of paints and caulk and many manufactures of quality varnishes still use it today. Many

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