Painting cracked stucco.


Please give a step by step plan to repair a ton of cracks and paint for a stucco house (14 yrs.) never been painted before. I don’t know if it needs to be cleaned and if it needs primer etc. I see elastomeric paint is best. I spoke to a painter, he said can paint any color but is elastomeric paint available in any color?  I want to make sure its done right. Thanks for your help.

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  1. Elastomeric paint, more commonly referred as Acrylic or Latex paint, will be the best for your application here, but more importantly choose a High Quality Brand, like Sherwin Williams or Behr, and just repair the cracks with an exterior grade spackle, then be sure to Prime all of the surfaces with a High Grade Masonry Latex Primer… then you can topcoat it with your color of choice (yes many colors are available) but for stucco, use a Flat Finish, not semi or gloss… clean off first by simply using the garden hose and a rag… power washing is Not recommended (too much pressure will damage the stucco)… let it dry several hrs… best time to paint is when the Overnite temperature stays at least at or above 50F for about 2 weeks continuously  (all paint needs 2 weeks approx, to Cure properly)… Good Luck!!!

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