Ceiling Paint Peeling Down to Drywall


A few years ago we had a water line break on the 2nd story and had to repaint a large part of our 1st floor ceilings. Now repainted the ceiling areas and they are peeling all the way to the drywall paper. Unpainted areas are fine. Did contractor potentially paint before ceiling was dry? Other cause?

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  1. Based on the information provided, the peeling of the paint on the 1st-floor ceilings could be attributed to a potential moisture issue caused by the water line break on the 2nd floor that occurred a few years ago. Moisture from the water line break may have seeped into the ceiling drywall, causing it to swell and deteriorate over time. When the contractor repainted the affected areas, they may have overlooked the need for thorough drying and preparation of the damaged drywall before applying new paint.

    Furthermore, if the contractor painted over the damp or improperly dried ceiling, it could have trapped moisture within the layers of paint, leading to poor adhesion and eventual peeling. This scenario is likely why the painted areas are peeling all the way down to the drywall paper, while the unpainted areas remain unaffected.

    1. To prevent similar issues in the future, it is crucial to address any sources of moisture damage promptly and ensure that the affected surfaces are thoroughly dried and repaired before repainting. Additionally, proper surface preparation, including priming and using suitable paint products for high-moisture areas, can help improve adhesion and longevity of the paint finish.

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