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I painted my kitchen yellow and trimmed the windows in white. I also plan to trim the door frames in white. However the hallway is very narrow and I am afraid it will look as though the entire hallway is white if I do not paint the doors themselves yellow to match the walls.

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  1. This is personal opinion more than anything, but yes! Making the doors yellow to match the walls will ensure your hallway does not look entirely white, and will work perfectly if you like the white trim effect around the door/window. If you already like the color scheme, why not stick with it!

  2. Are the doors solid wood? If so I wouldn't paint them at all. However if they aren't why not paint them a color that would compliment your yellow kitchen and the yellow walls of your hallway as I gather? You could still trim them with white if you wanted. I would paint them a reddish brown color. I just don't think yellow is a good door color. But hey, to each their own.

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