Can lake seawalls be painted to prevent moss buildup?

My wall is about 5 years old, but this year the moss grew into the surface of the concrete block in some places. I know I can kill the moss and prepare the block for painting with pressure washing. What type of primer and sealant should be used to prevent

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What type of wallpaper was this??

Hi,  We bought a house two years ago (built in 78) and started removing the wallpaper in the family room/kitchen.  A think layer of paper peeled off really easy.  A layer of mesh-like material remained stuck to the wall.  We were able to pull it off in stringy sections.  A

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Streaks in bathroom

Hi – Last year we moved into a condo unit and it was newly painted/renovated after the last owner left. I’ve notice that shortly after we moved in that in bathroom there are brown streak coming through the paint on 2 of the walls.  Wondering if we can avoid repainting

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Painting brick faces without painting the grout/mortar

Sorry if this is a weird question, but I’ve been looking online for hours and I’m tired. I’ve seen a few buildings in my area that’ve painted the faces of the individual bricks on their walls, but have left the grout/mortar totally unpainted, as the title states. It looks really

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Painted grapes and leaves on sheetrock

About 20 years ago, I had a lady come and paint Purple grapes and green leaves on vines in my kitchen.  The walls are sheetrock.  I want to update and paint over the grapes and leaves.  She painted with flat acrylic paint.  Please tell me what to do to cover

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Exterior block prep and painting

I have started preparing my 70 year old block wall home and as I’m pressure washing, I am finding that the block under the paint seems rather damaged and most is white when the paint comes off. Is that the efforvesences you wrote about? I believe what may have happened,

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