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Hi, I am spot patching my garage cinder block wall (which the exterior is underground) with Drylok hydraulic cement because I had efflorescence and cracks. Prior to patching,

  • I washed and scrubbed the wall with white vinegar and then sprayed down with water to remove some mold.
  • I then knocked out all loose cement from prior cement patches and as a result of efflorescence.

I do not know what the prior owner used and is currently on the wall – not sure if a sealant, primer or paint. I am finishing up filling cracks and covering the cleaned out efflorescence. What should I use on the wall? Can I use an elastomeric paint or will that not perform well without knowing what is currently on the wall?

Also, I have chipped out some cracks where the wall meets the garage floor. While cleaning out some of those cracks, I had some moist dirt come out and am draying with a fan. Should I patch where the wall meets the floor with the hydraulic cement or should I use a caulk? Would greatly appreciate your thoughts!

Thanks in advance, LC

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  1. Use a Silicon caulk to fill those cracks… and be sure to prime the entire block with a high grade exterior masonry primer… then top coat with an Acrylic Paint, also high grade and exterior… use a 3/4inch nap roller cover for application, and I find that a FLAT finish looks best with block! Good Luck…

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