My 80 year old house has cinder block basement walls. The walls are painted but there is some mold/mildew on the lower 1/3


Hi, I need help as to the best paint/primer for painted cinder block basement walls. I DO NOT have a sub pump to drain water away from the basement walls. I am not going to install a sub pump. Outside I landscaped the property where all rain water drains away from the foundation. I want to  repaint the basement walls and floors so I get the best possible protection to prevent any further mold and mildew. I have basement glass block windows that I can open and a high end dehumidifier in the basement. Paint cost not a problem. There are many products on the market. I will do a good job in any prep work that needs to be done prior to painting. I just want a recommendation what paint products are the best to use on previous painted cinder block. Is a acid wash of floors and walls needed?

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  1. Just wash the mildew areas with a TSP Solution in warm water, and scrape off any loose paint, then give the walls 1 heavy coat of Sherwin Williams Interior … use a semi-gloss finish, color of choice… use their highest level product… see my site for help:
    Good Luck!

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