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Thank you for the response.
Just to verify. The stucco finish is even and all uniform because we did a full color coat. When I say even and uniform I mean the finish is the exact same. What is different is….we did some stucco repairs on the bottom half of the wall ..we did not need to go all the way up the wall. I did color coat the WHOLE wall. Texture is the same, the color when it dries is slightly different to quite a bit different in color.

I wanted to primer with Loxon masonry primer and then coat it with conflex XL. Will I see the color difference after I primer and paint? If I primer and paint and I still see a difference what are my options?
Thanks again

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  1. You shouldn’t see any difference once painted. The Conflex XL is solid color, the only way to “see” a difference in color on the wall is if there is something different with the texture and lighting across the wall. If you still see a difference with the color then I don’t know what can be causing it.

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