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I have started preparing my 70 year old block wall home and as I’m pressure washing, I am finding that the block under the paint seems rather damaged and most is white when the paint comes off. Is that the efforvesences you wrote about? I believe what may have happened, they caulked before they primed causing the paint not to be sealed and had messed with all the block underneath. Also, every mortar line is where the paint is chipped or peeling. Can my house be saved? The paint job is roughly 8 years old and has shown peeling and chipping paint for a few years now. Any advise is most appreciated!
Gretchen Holmes

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  1. Not to worry, that condition is usually present in your situation and the best thing to do is pressure wash all surfaces and then caulk where necessary using an exterior grade product… then patch any larger holes or openings with an oil base spackle compound… and prime all surfaces with an exterior grade masonry primer… use a high grade product from Sherwin Williams or Behr… finally top coat with regular exterior acrylic paint (1 heavy coat color of choice) … keep in mind the paint needs at least 50 degrees F over night for about 2 weeks consecutively to CURE properly… Good Luck!

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