Pressure washing interior basement walls and ceilings?


I am buying an old hospital, built in 1920s. The basement has concrete over the brick structural walls that is crumbling, and brick walls and ceilings with old peeling and chipping paint. I need to clean and prep before I paint. Can I pressure wash the interior? If so, is this something I could do my self? If not, about how much would it cost to have done? I’m on a tight budget….

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  1. You can do it yourself… Home Depot or other stores RENT the tool to do the job, just check with them for prices…. however you might just scrape by hand using scrapers and then use your garden hose with local line pressure to clean the remainder off… Pressure Tools work at extremely high outputs and are really an “over kill” in this application…
    Better ask yourself, what are you going to do after you do all of this to the surfaces???
    Good Luck…

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