Can I paint oil over latex paint without priming first?


We have maple chairs that were painted black 3 years ago with an interior latex paint. We have cleaned the chairs and sanded and painted latex black over it. The result was a tacky finish. We now would like to try an oil paint over the black. Do we need to prime first?

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  1. In your situation, at this point… do this: First wipe down the chairs with a rag and lacquer thinner (you'll see some of the existing paint will tend to come off or "smooth out" a bit at this point)… then give em a primer coat using an oil base primer… then finish coat… using your oil base paint (but really at this point using an ACRYLIC FINISH COAT WOULD BE EASIER AND GIVE EQUAL RESULTS AND BE AS DURABLE, if APPLIED PROPERLY, AND if USING A HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT…

    After drying and curing (1-2 weeks) spray some furniture polish on them and wipe em down… this will further protect em…

  2. For the best results when switching from latex to oil paint on your maple chairs, it is highly recommended to apply a primer before applying the oil paint. This is crucial for several reasons. First, a primer creates a smooth, uniform surface that helps the oil paint adhere better, ensuring better durability and longevity of the finish. Additionally, a primer helps to seal any remaining latex paint residue, preventing any bleed-through or interaction between the two types of paint that may cause issues such as tackiness or uneven drying.

    Moreover, using a primer designed specifically for transitioning between different paint types, such as a bonding primer, will provide the best adhesion and coverage. This type of primer is formulated to promote adhesion between different coatings and will help create a strong bond between the existing latex paint and the new oil paint.

    Lastly, priming before applying oil paint will also help improve the overall finish of the chairs, providing a more professional-looking result. It will also help prevent issues such as chipping, cracking, or peeling over time.

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