Bedroom Furniture

I would like to paint my bedroom furniture. Do I need to remove the old varnish and stain? It is in good shape there is no peeling or cracking on them.

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Cedar Chest

My uncle built a cedar chest for my parents (who have passed on) around 1940. The outside finish is dark (like mahogany) and is pretty scratched up. I’d like to refinish it but not sure how to go about it. Also, it has trim on the front (like a strip

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Best finish over shellac for heavy use?

I have a table from the 60s with a shellac finish. I would like to make it water resistant, but don’t want to strip it and lose the current stain. I’m not a big fan of polyurethane, only because it chips over time and cannot be repaired. What do you

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Damaged Finish on Table

I was trying to remove a stain using the iron trick and removed the finish on my Brazilian pine table. It is a small spot. How can I repair it?

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Blistered Paint

I would like to know how to make my paint blister. I do old furniture distressing and I want my paint to bubble up.

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Can I apply polyurethane over spray paint?

I recently spray painted my daughter’s TV stand. It is made of metal and particle board. The finished product looks good, but everything she puts on the shelves is sticking to the paint. Would a polyurethane help to prevent that?

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