Is it safe to use outdoor stain indoors?

I had a pine entertainment center built in my living room. It will not be subjected to much wear and tear. I purchased Olympic Maximum solid stain to finish it. I have used solid stain in the past and found it easy to work with. My question is after much

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Beadboard Ceiling

I have installed a beadboard ceiling in my bathroom. I want to keep the natural look. Do I just use several coats of a good clear, satin polyurethane?

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Clear primer/sealer?

I want to do some decorative painting on bare wood (poplar). I’d like for the wood to show through on most of the surface. What would I use to protect the wood a little so I could also paint over with acrylic in some areas? Thanks

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Bedroom Furniture

I would like to paint my bedroom furniture. Do I need to remove the old varnish and stain? It is in good shape there is no peeling or cracking on them.

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