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We bought a home with a front porch that had dark green paint over a trex covered front porch floor. It looked like it needed a spruce up so we had it painted with Behr exterior gloss porch and floor paint in a lighter color. What a mistake! A week later and it is all peeling up and looks terrible. What can we do now? Should we use a different paint to paint over it?

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  1. The floor Trex material is a composite plastic-resin type product and is not supposed to be painted… check with the Trex Manufacturer (Google Trex) however you could try this: Scrape off a SAMPLE AREA down to the Trex surface, then Prime it with an Exterior grade Oil Base Sealer/Primer… let dry 3-4 hrs then top coat with Sherwin Williams Oil Base Porch & Deck Paint, use a High Gloss Finish… give it a try and if this sample area seems OK, then do the rest of the porch!

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