Old dresser rejecting paint.


I recently got a old 1800’s dresser that had been “antiqued” in the 60’s. I sanded down the dresser as much as I could and started painting.  This may have been where my mistake began. I used flat white latex interior paint that I had left over recently from my bathroom. It’s like the dresser was rejecting the paint and just wasn’t working.

So later that evening I decided to use left over wall primer which took just fine but still showed wood grain. Then the next day tried the white again, and it still rejected the paint, got goopey and showed the wood grain in a unflattering way. I will admit that I have now done 4 coats of white and it ended up like the photo attached. Is there a certain type of paint I should have used? I guess I feel silly thinking wall paint would work. Do I need to strip it? Or will sanding work?

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  1. Go buy a product called “Furniture Refinisher” it comes in many brands, follow the label directions and REMOVE ALL that’s on your dresser… then start over by Priming it with an Oil Base Sealer/Primer, then after 3-4 hrs drying … finish coat with an Acrylic High Grade Paint like Sherwin Williams and use an Exterior Grade with a Semi Gloss or a Satin Finish… Color of Choice… Good Luck!

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