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After using the rest of the paint that my last painter left for touch ups, I noticed a warning that said “Contains crystalline silica which is very dangerous to health. Do not do any abrading, sanding, or scraping. Dust particle extremely dangerous etc”.

Holy geez! I am now afraid to even poke a hole in wall to hang a picture……The paint used are Sherwin Williams 6114 bagel and s.w 7004 snowbound….any info would be appreciated.

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  1. Crystalline Silica is a component of almost all paints and also is a component of the Earth (soil, sand, rock, etc). Over exposure can occur but only through excessive sanding, like cutting and/or grinding a granite counter top. I don't think this is a problem for most homeowners.

    Sanding anything produces dust that could cause some problems. If you have respiratory ailments/problems you should avoid sanding or wear a good dust mask.

  2. Bennette Paint Mfg., Hampton, Va. does not use crystalline silica in any of it's paints. They discontinued the silica in the 1980's and haven't used since. They can be reached at 800-869-2929.

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