Color to paint interior doors?


We just panted the interior walls a light sage green. Trim and baseboards are a chocolate brown. What color should I paint the doors?

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  1. A few ideas for your doors;

    1- Same color as the walls. This would look good with the frame painted the brown. You could also use a lighter shade for a nice look.

    2- Same as the trim. Although this would give you a dark door it would be consistent with the room colors. You could also use a light shade of brown to offset the door in the room.

    3- Same as the rest of the house. What color are the other doors in your home? Most likely white and this would also look good. The doors would be highlighted from the wall and trim colors you are using.

    Any of these ideas will look good. One good way to test each idea is to paint some cardboard or poster board, allow to dry then tape to a door and see what it might look like.

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