Can you change the sheen with a colorless paint?


I have spent a lot of time faux painting a large room (4 shades!) I am happy with the color results, but wish that I had chosen eggshell sheen rather than flat for my paints. Is there a colorless water-based finish (similar to latex paint) that I can put on my walls that will change the sheen to eggshell without impacting my color?

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  1. It's a bit risky (try a sample area first) but you can give it a coat of clear oil base varnish with a satin finish (satin is very close to eggshell in paint sheens)… use a short nap moehair roller cover (1/4 inch nap) and cross-roll it to avoid sags and drips… Good Luck

  2. You can use a waterborne acrylic wood finish. There are a few on the market that would do the trick, Coronado AquaPlastic is one I have used in the past that works good and is easy to use. Check with your local paint store for compatible clear finishes.

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