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At our gym, a Crossfit facility which translates to a lot of concrete block, the walls take a beating. Furthermore, they want these colossal logos on the wall, however, with wall-balls 10lb-20lb balls being thrown up against them constantly plus the hand-stand push-ups the paint easily comes off as you can imagine. They never have enough time for the typical paint to cure so my question is why couldn’t we use striping paint for the logos or murals?

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  1. Professionals that you hired to paint logos and murals will tell you (as I'm sure they did) that it takes time for these to cure hard (a full 2 weeks)…

    It is your DUTY to insure that no contact is applied to these during that time span…

    You did hire pros to apply these logos and murals didn't you?

  2. This could work but could also be problematic. I have used parking lot striping paint before and know it will dry very quickly but has strong solvents that could dissolve or bubble your existing paint. Plus I'm not sure of the color choices, I have only used white and yellow to stripe a couple parking lots. Check with your local paint store for products and colors; also find out the dry time to heavy, this will tell you how long to wait before the logo's are "abused." traffic

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