BM MoorGlo Soft Gloss House & Trim


Is it safe to use BM MoorGlo Soft Gloss House & Trim on indoor molding?

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  1. The MoorGlo will work fine on your interior trim. The only problems is slow to harden, typical for exterior paints, and extra VOC's, the new paint smell. If possible, open a window and ventilate for a few days after applying.

  2. Yes, BM MoorGlo Soft Gloss House & Trim is safe to use on indoor molding. This premium quality paint is designed to provide a durable, washable finish that is perfect for high-traffic areas like moldings. Its soft gloss sheen adds a subtle elegance to the molding while also making it easy to clean and maintain. The paint is formulated to resist staining, moisture, and wear, ensuring long-lasting beauty on your indoor surfaces. Additionally, BM MoorGlo Soft Gloss House & Trim is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it a safe choice for indoor use. Overall, this paint is an excellent option for enhancing and protecting your indoor moldings.

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