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Have painted the interior brickwork in 9 apartments we manage. In two of these apartments ‘stains’ have started coming through bricks whilst other apartments are fine. One apartment is upstairs and one downstairs: there does not seem to be a pattern – at least that we can depict. The painter has looked at and other than possibility of moisture, he is at a loss: still doesn’t answer why other apartments are OK. All brickwork has been painted with exactly same paint. Any ideas on problem and a possible remedy? Have not taken a photo, however can do so if you would like. With gratitude we look forward to hearing from you.
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  1. A photo might be helpful. Since moisture has been ruled out then most likely the staining is caused by the internal environment. Many things can react with paint and cause stains; air fresheners, candles/incense, cooking fumes, hair spray, dust, etc. All of these things settle on the various surfaces and react with the solvent in the primer or paint.

    At this point your painter needs to seal up the stains with a stain blocking primer and repaint the affected areas. I would use an oil base or shellack primer to make sure the stains are well sealed.

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