Best interior primer for new drywall?


I have just finished my basement with drywall and would like to put the best primer on the walls.

I would like to know what brand name is the best on the market and should you use PVA primer?

Also should you have them add the color to the primer that you are going to use?

By doing this when you go to paint your walls the under layer will dot come through.

Any help is very thankful.

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  1. I use Zinsser 123 interior/exterior. Great stuff, and you can get it colored to almost anything. Two light coats of this on fresh drywall and you are set for a top coat. As always I recommend spraying the primer and rolling the top coat.

  2. The best interior primer for new drywall is a high-quality water-based primer specifically formulated for drywall surfaces, PVA. To augment the PVA primer for improved coverage and stain-blocking properties a cheap exterior flat can be added, at the rate of 1 gallon per 5.

    It’s important to choose a primer that is specifically designed for new drywall to seal the surface, promote proper paint adhesion, and prevent the drywall from soaking up too much paint. Brands such as Kilz, Zinsser, and Sherwin Williams offer excellent interior primers designed specifically for new drywall applications. When applying the primer, make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for proper surface preparation and application techniques to achieve the best results. Spray and backroll is best.

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