Sq-ft price for new construction.


On new construction; when you say so much a sq-ft is that for each coat? Or to the finish coat (3 coats)? What about trim?

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  1. That is up to you, make sure you word it in your contract, per coat or for multiple coats. Make sure you test yourself see if you can make a profit at a PPSF <Price Per Square Foot>.

    Trim you charge by Linear Foot, that generally only takes one coat, unless you are referring to staining, that changes it cause there is more prep and time needed.

    Hope this helps

  2. When I quote a new construction price of "so much per square foot" my price is for one prime coat and two finish coats on every surface. This includes walls, ceilings, trim, doors and cabinets. Specialty finish are never included and must be negotiated separately. If you are building a home and need to know what a potential paint contractor is quoting, ask. Very few paint contractors dislike educating the customer. Usually makes a better working relationship.

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